Fog Storm

A collaborative sound and video installation.

Drowse - Kyle Bates

Kremdar - Jesse Keating

This installation showcases four found objects that have been re-engineered into interactive sculptural instruments. The artists use these objects to create sounds and explore their natural surroundings. All music has been created by the artists and was recorded in Skagaströnd using the sculptures, a field recorder, and the  computer. Video projections recorded while at living NES Artist Residency around certain regions of desolate Northern Iceland.

Fog Storm plays with tangible and digital deconstruction of the natural world in the Anthropocene.

“Prefaldur Strengur”

Burnt log, metal, wire, nails


Fence post, metal, spring, nails


2x4’s, metal, wire, nails, tape

“Greed Bucket”

Texaco oil drum, springs, wire

Sounds from the Fog Storm sculptural instruments where later re-interpreted with computer and voice and released digitally and on cassette as Fog Storm Pts. 1-4 through Glowing Window Recordings in August, 2018.